Maverick Mirage HPX 17V Technical Poling Skiff

The name Maverick commands the utmost respect in the world of shallow water flats fishing. The most widely used skiff in the Florida Keys, and the most proven design in technical poling skiffs, the Maverick HPX 17V is an absolutely amazing machine.

Composed of Carbon Kevlar, the HPX is an extremely light, and extremely stealthy boat. This is critical for long day on the water, poling through the shallowest grass flats, and not spooking the weariest of bonefish.

Combined with a V hull, this boat can battle the nastiest chop. From crossing open basins, to crossing the skinniest bars, the Mirage HPX 17V is the only choice for my style of fishing as well as the comfort of my clients.

Paired with an elevated front casting deck for spotting fish, and a rock hard 90 Yamaha outboard we will be sure to get to the fish, and take the most accurate sniper shots at the fish of a lifetime.